35-sai no Koukousei

Sinopsis :

During the new semester in April, a woman appears in the classroom for the 3rd year high school students. The other students wonder who she is. The woman tells the students she is a student in that class. The woman does ordinary student things like wearing their school uniform, homework and participates in gym class, but she is different. She arrives at school in an expensive car. During break time, she smokes in the teacher's smoking room. After club activities, the woman drinks a beer. Yet, after school, she delivers newspapers as part-time work. She is mysterious. The woman tries to solve problems like high school bullying.

Informasi :
Judul : 35-sai no KoukouseiJudul Alternatif : No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35, 35-Year-Old High School StudentRating : 9.4Votes : 2660Status : EndedTotal Episode : 11

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